Technical Resources

Our Team

  Vishva Mohan

B.Tech (IIT Delhi), MBA (Univ. of Notre Dame)

Area: Physics (IIT/NEET level)

Mathematics, Science (Foundation level)


  Manav Agrawal

B.E. (Delhi College of Engineering), PGDBM (IIM Calcutta)

Area: Analytical, quantitative, verbal skills 

Coping with competitive pressure, motivation


  Aparna Mohan

B.E. (Chemical Engineering), Panjab University 

Admitted to Duke University

Area: Communication skills, mock interviews,

resume building, admission SoPs and Essays


  Kanika Mohan

B.E. (Civil Engineering), DTU (Class of 2019)  

Area: Communication Skills, verbal skills,

Group discussions, class presentations


  Mainak Agrawal

IIT Delhi (Class of 2021)

Area: Exam preparation strategies, benchmarking